M.Sc. HMDA: Semester Abroad

To improve the international EIT Programme in „Health and Medical in Data Analytics“, we would like to hear your feedback after (almost) concluding it.
Congratulations, you made it!

NOTE: This evaluation survey is optional and anonymous.

    2. Where are you studying the HMDA Programme? *

    3. Where have you spend your Semester Abroad (host university)? *

    4. Are you happy with your election? Did the host university meet your expectations? *

    4.1 If "no", please briefly justify your answer.

    5. Are you satisfied with the training methods at your host university? *

    5.1 If “(Strongly) Disagree” or “Neutral”, could you briefly justify your choice?

    6. Do you think that the needed information (about the program’s organization, structure, etc.) was communicated correctly and on time? *

    6.1 If "no", please briefly justify your answer. What would you improve?

    7. Are you satisfied with other organisational aspects related to the semester abroad (payments, documentation you had to sign, etc.? *

    7.1 If "no", please briefly justify your answer. What would you improve?

    8. Was it easy to find help if needed (academic or organizational) at your host university? *

    9. Do you think that spending a semester abroad during your study is important for your future working life? *

    10. Would you recommend your e.g . friends spending a semester abroad at your host university (even if they are not participating in the EIT Health Programme)? *