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Data is the new oil”. The MSc HMDA aims to provide an innovative European programme with a profound education in HMDA and hands-on entrepreneurship training. Both will be addressed from an innovative, user-centred perspective, enabling students to identify market demands and respond to them by using top-notch technical skills. The core consists of competencies in data science (acquisition, storing, pre-processing, modelling). The specialisations will turn students into experts in a specific discipline, such as bioinformatics, medical signalling or knowledge extraction. They receive a state-of-the-art education in innovation and entrepreneurship tailored to healthcare, allowing them to identify opportunities and execute a project from the business perspective (value proposition canvas, stakeholder management, business plan, etc.). The HMDA core and specialisations and the I&E component all share the goal of exploiting value from data in clinical and non-clinical settings.


The MSc HMDA is a cooperation between the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA), Técnico Superior de Lisboa (IST) and the Friedrich-Alexander Universitiy in Erlangen (FAU). This enabels you to do online courses of all 4 Universities and take part in the EIT Summer school. Your 3rd semester can be abroad at one of the partner universities to have a full semester of mobility to focus on one of the specialization offered by our partners. All programms are aligned with a common structure, that means your academic achievememts will be accredited at FAU. For your semester abroad, a mobility scholarship can be granted.


The module handbooks provide further information on the planned modules and spezializations offered by each university:

If you are interested in a internship we have a number of partners and companies that cooperate with us:


For general information on the Master’s Programm in Medical Engineering. Visit our englisch or german website.


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