M.Sc HMDA: First Semester Evaluation

In order to improve our HMDA Programme, we would like to hear your feedback after your first semester with us. This survey is though completely optional.

    2. Where are you studying the HMDA Programme? *

    3. Your first impression: *

    Did you feel that the training was worth your time?

    Did you like the venue and presentation style?

    Did the training style work for you? Consider pace, delivery method, location (in-person or online), content, etc.

    Were the learning activities engaging?

    Were you satisfied with the training overall?

    Did the courses cover enough material?

    4. What were the biggest strengths and weaknesses of the training?

    5. What are the three most important things that you learned from this training?

    6. What support might you need to apply what you learned?

    7. Was it easy to find help if needed (academic or organizational)? *

    8. What would you improve (academic and organisational)?

    9. Would you recommend our HMDA Master Programme to others? *

    10. Learning aspects: *

    Do you think you’ve gained the skills you needed to learn?

    Do you feel as though you can apply what you learned to your work?

    Does the university’s culture contribute to your ability to learn?

    Have you taken all exams in your first semester?

    Have you succesfully approved all your exams?

    11. Are there any topics in the course you still don’t understand?

    12. Did anything noticeably hinder or promote your ability to learn during the training?

    13. Were the courses at the right proficiency level, or too easy/advanced? *