EIT Health Education series: The importance of digital skills in healthcare

Dez 10
10. Dezember 2022

It is no secret that healthcare systems across Europe are under pressure to develop their effectiveness and remain competitive. Digital technologies have the potential to transform the way we deliver care. Other industries have experienced productivity gains of up to 20% from digitisation, but healthcare delivery has yet to realise such gains. One of the reasons for this is the lack of digital skills in the healthcare workforce. This lack of sufficient digital knowledge leads to poor adoption of new technologies, that could bring the required change. There is an urgent need for upskilling of the workforce and that has become even more pressing in the pandemic. Professionals and managers in the healthcare ecosystem need to be able to innovate, adapt and engage with new technologies and the changing pace of medicine. The Transformative Digital Skills for Healthcare Training Programme addresses these challenges.

Armin Ritter// Fraunhofer Academy

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