EIT Health Education series: The entrepreneurial mindset and the future of healthcare

Okt 15
15. Oktober 2022

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic healthcare systems all over the world were facing many challenges:

How to meet the needs of a diverse population of patients?
How to find more innovative solutions?
How to remain true to the core values and best traditions of healthcare?
How to dare to disrupt the status quo?
How to engage the support of patients, healthcare professional, and stakeholders in the necessary changes?
How to deliver the best quality healthcare within the available resources?
How to overcome the inertia inherent in the current systems and make faster progress?

Responding to these challenges calls for change – and change is never easy. Too often the solutions are seen as requiring complex reorganisation and major change management programmes. This seminar will examine these issues by exploring the role of the entrepreneurial mindset in the future of healthcare. The entrepreneurial mindset is often seen as exclusively associated with entrepreneurs. However, anyone can gain benefits from thinking and acting like an entrepreneur, whether they want to set up a business, or are employed in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors. There is increasing recognition of the value that can be gained by individuals, teams, and organisations by using an entrepreneurial mindset in healthcare. The seminar will provide a definition of the entrepreneurial mindset, which is based on a systematic analysis of published research and professional practice, and explain the role of the mindset in addressing current and future healthcare challenges.

Paul Coyle // Director at Entrepreneurial Mindset Network, Bordeaux, France

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