EIT Health Education Seminar seriesCommunity and Education in action

Community and Education in action

Organized as monthly 1-hour-webinars, the ultimate goal of the seminar series “Community and Education in Action” is to assemble like-minded intellectuals and professionals from our community to trade ideas, thoughts, and views related to a specific EIT-Health topic especially focused in the Education Pillar.

What benefits you can gain from this series:

  • A detailed overview of current education projects, consortia, and opportunities
  • Learn about the success of our education projects and the partners behind
  • The opportunity to discuss possible education proposals and share experiences with players in current projects
  • A room to discuss different topics with a highly experienced range of partners
  • Education on a variety of topics reaching from entrepreneurial issues to current ongoing discussions
  • Connecting to representatives of our Education Network
  • Learn what programmes are open for application and what they offer


Further information on the individual seminars and speakers will be added shortly on the official EIT Health site. Please check it for further information.
The online seminars usually take place every SECOND FRIDAY of the month from 11:45 -13:00 CET