HMDA Full Meeting „Learning from Health Data 2021“

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HMDA Full Meeting „Learning from Health Data 2021“
Developing skills for the digital transformation of healthcare

Within the framework of the international MSc in Health & Medical Analytics, the annual HMDA Full Meeting „Learning from Health Data 2021“ took place last, from Monday 6 to Friday 10 September.

After a brief introduction held by the organizers, the European Scientific Institute (ESI), students participated in numerous talks given by specialists in the Digital Health field and in coaching sessions. Unlike previous years, in this edition of the HMDA Full Meeting, students worked in small groups on a challenge. This year challenge, „Cancer remains one of the first causes of death worldwide“, consisted in trying to develop a predictive tool that links the occurrence of acute leukemia with contributing factors and patient’s characteristics. Moreover, each working group also had to prepare a pitch to attract new investors as well as to develop a clear business model to commercialize the predictive tool.

On Friday afternoon, after a week of intense individual and group work, the different groups presented their projects in a final pitching session. All projects were evaluated by a jury, made up of members of different institutions and specializations: Prof. Dr. Sergio Paraiso (UPM ), Prof. Dr. Pascal Mossuz (UGA), Prof. Dr. Mario Gaspar Da Silva (IST), and Prof. Dr. Jeff Wilkesmann (EIT Health).



European Scientific Institute (ESI)