EIT Educational Programmes promote innovation in emerging areas

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The EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) offer students unique learning opportunities at the best European universities, fostering students to become more creative, innovative and entrepreneurs. Students will also be offered the opportunity to get in touch with innovative companies. The EIT partner network allows students to experience mobility from one country to another – with financial assistance to support cost – and between the academy and several companies. At the end students will receive a double degree and an EIT label certificate.

Instituto Superior Técnico is a partner university of several EIT InnoEnergy programmes, one EIT InnoEnergy Doctoral programme and two EIT Health Master programmes.

Técnico participates in two programmes funded by the EIT Health network: HMDA – Health and Medical Data Analytics and MTiH – Master in Technological Innovation in Health.

The HMDA programme is a partnership between Técnico, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-NürnbergUniversité Grenoble-Alpes and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The programme offers robust training in entrepreneurship combined with innovative education in healthcare data. This is one of the latest EIT Health degree programmes and offers students unique and transdisciplinary academic profile through obligatory international student mobility and cross-organisational internships. Graduates will acquire sophisticated skills in data analytics for health applications, and will be able to use these skills to create new solutions for healthcare needs.

Further Information:
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