EIT Label

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The EIT is a unique European innovation body with an educational mission to educate a new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators in Europe with an entrepreneurial mindset.

These entrepreneurs and innovators will become role models for European higher education. They become role models because the EIT delivers a unique brand of excellent and relevant educational programmes that are responsive to both business and societal demands. These programmes are focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and leadership and are based on the integration of business, education and research, the so-called ‚knowledge triangle‘.

To set these programmes apart, the EIT has introduced the EIT Label as a certificate of quality that is awarded only to excellent educational programmes.

Programmes, modules and courses that have the EIT Label build on five groups of quality criteria:

  • The EIT Overarching Learning Outcomes (EIT OLOs)
  • Robust entrepreneurship education
  • Highly integrated, innovative ‘learning-by-doing’ curricula
  • Mobility, the European dimension and openness to the world
  • Outreach strategy and access policy.